Thursday, July 14, 2011

Miami Vice Called and They Want Their Set Back

My husband and I want to move in the near future.

No, our house isn't for sale.


Not sure when it will be.

But it doesn't hurt to look at what is available, does it?

Whenever I am out and about and see a home for sale that looks appealing to me, I go home and get on our local real estate website and snoop.

I saw this home the other day.

Next to a fancy country club.

My kinda house.

Only about $300,000 out of our price range.

But, that doesn't stop me from peeking at the pictures.

All I can say about it is, HORRENDOUS.

I mean, seriously.

Who decorates like this?

A red sink?

All white kitchen?

Horrible wallpaper?

Peach furniture?

Weird plastic tables that look like they came from Mars?

I could go on and on about the ugliness of the interior of it and the horrible choices in decor.

The only cool thing in this house is the sauna and hot tub.

I am going to guess it needs a minimum of $100,000 to update the interior.

Take a look for yourselves HERE.

If we lived here I'd have to start drinking wine coolers and my husband, well, he'd have to dress like this:

*DISCLAIMER: I know that when buying a home you shouldn't judge by the way the current owners decorate


Sassytimes said...

Our builder also built a very well known Toledoan's house. We got to meet him and go through his house before we signed the contract. It was the same way, except it was decorated in all bright purple and red. Very, very modern and really, really 80s at the same time - even though it was a brand new house. Some people have odd taste. And surprisingly, no matter how cheap it looks, it's like $10,000 for one ugly chair.

Jodi said...

I would totally live there!!! It reminds me of the set of the Golden Girls, tee hee.

BSunB said...

I love the house! You know what won me over? I don't know if it was a picture of the bathroom, bedroom or what...but in the distance, you can see what appears to be a shoe closet. Space for lots and lots of shoes! Yes...that's all it takes for me!

Jen and Justin said...

ha! i KNEW exactly what house you were talking about when you said next to a country club and all white kitchen with red sink. too bad they haven't update there contemp. look since the 80's....and not to mention in the 80's that was tacky for modern!