Saturday, August 28, 2010

If We Had a Girl

If we had a girl we would be filing for bankruptcy.  Seriously though, I would spend 5 times more money on clothes for a girl than I do on Davis.  I buy Davis a lot of clothes, he has an extensive wardrobe so considering how much stuff he has I'd need at least 4 more closets if we had a girl.  She'd be wearing Juicy, Matilda Jane, Ugg boots, you get the idea.  Not that they don't make cool clothes for boys because they do, but not everything is cute, almost all girl clothes are cute.  I have yet to see a truly ugly outfit for a girl, I'd buy the entire store if we had a girl.   I'd have a pair of shoes for every outfit instead of the two paris of shoes I have for Davis, I mean guys don't really have a pair of shoes for every outfit, unless your gay or my husband.  My husband likes clothes and shoes, he has almost as many pairs of shoes as me and he has twice as many clothes. 

So the moral of this story is, my husband is not only happy we have a boy so he can play sports, but he is also happy that having a boy is easier on the wallet when we go shopping for clothing.

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Jen and Justin said...

i can't even imagine the damage you would do with a girl!