Sunday, August 22, 2010

Honey, I Think We've Been Robbed

We had a date night last Saturday, when we came home I thought we had been robbed.  Then I remembered we had a toddler and I failed to clean up the path of destruction he left behind before we took him to grandmas house for the evening. 

Before we had Davis and before he became mobile, the house stayed spic and span all the time.  Nothing ever out of place, never.  Now you walk into our house and it looks as though somebody robbed the joint.  I promise you I pick his toys up every single day, actually make that 5 or 6 times a day.  It never fails though, the moment I get everything back in its rightful place a tiny little person is behind me dumping buckets of toys out again.  It doesn't even have to be toys he is dumping all over the place, here is a list of what the little tornado can do:

- Leave a purse out, it will be dumped over
- Leave a pair of shoes out, good luck finding the match
- Leave the office door open, good luck finding that paperwork again
- Leave the doors to the bathrooms open, good luck finding your deoderent, heck good luck finding the trash can
- Leave the bedroom door open, good luck finding the toddler, he can open closet doors and enjoys hiding in them
- Let him in the laundry room, good luck finding the lint trap in the dryer, he likes to take it out
- Leave the gate up that blocks him out of the kitchen, you will be picking up lids to tupperware for the next century

I clean my home every day, it takes me 50 times longer than it used to because Davis follows me around, opening drawers, emptying whatever might be in them.

Would I have it any other way? 


Who needs matching shoes anyways when you have a kid as cute as mine!


Carey said... it! i'm sure i'll be dealing with the same thing soon. although, not TOO soon -- i hope!

Jen and Justin said...

very cute post Jill!