Saturday, August 7, 2010


Facebook is not only a fun way to keep in touch with old friends, current friends, new friends, family, etc...  But it also serves as a source of entertainment for me.  Take this old friend from junior high that I am Facebook friends with.  I am not making fun of her situation, so let's get that straight, I feel bad for her.  But the shit she posts on Facebook, in my opinion, should be kept to herself.  Then again, this is America and we can say what we want, but I really doubt all her Facebook friends want to know that she started a weight loss detox program and hasn't shit in 4 days, then when she finally does shit she posts about it.  She says more weird stuff but I'm not going to mention it here because what I find humerous, readers of my blog may not.  I've considered de-friending her because I think she is borderline crazy, but her posts kind of make me giggle and besides everytime someone de-friends her, she makes a point to post something on Facebook about it.  I'm not getting outted as someone who de-friended her.

I think she has a lot of personal struggles she is trying to overcome, but I don't think everyone on Facebook needs to know about them because to me they are very personal issues that should be kept to a small circle of people.

You gotta love the age of social media.  As I sit here typing stuff that nobody probably cares about on my blog.  Leaving people to wonder, why did she blog about that??  HaHa

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