Monday, July 26, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm

Lately I've observed quite a few moms that are still using infant carriers, which is fine, as long as your child is within the height and weight limits.  I swear some people just get a seat and do not pay attention to the limits of their particular seat.  I used a Graco Safeseat which has a higher height/weight limit that the regular Snugride, I see so many kids in regular Snugrides that I know are well outside the height/weight limits of the seats.  You almost feel sorry for them, legs hanging way over the side, their chubby little legs barely squeezing in the seat.  Not to mention it really is unsafe once your child passes the weight and/or height limit of the seat, usually they outgrow it in height before they ever will in weight.  This goes with any seat, infant, convertible, forward facing, etc....

What brought me to this post is a mom that came to my garage sale with her 9 month old, in his regular Snugride, he was HUGE!!!!  I know he was outside the limits of that seat and I am sure the mom had no idea, she probably got the seat and never paid attention to the very important height and weight limits of it.

I guess the moral of my story is to check the limits of your seat and make sure your still within them, you might be surprised.

And maybe I'm a freak about this stuff, but I just always want to ensure Davis is a safe as possible. 

There is going to be another car seat post sometime this week, I did something I wasn't planning on doing for 2 more months.  I'm sure you will all be shocked at my latest revelation.

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