Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Fragments and Favorite Song Saturday

Davis was not feeling well so I missed Friday Fragments, never fear, today is Saturday Fragments and Favorite Song Saturday!! Woot Woot!!

-I love the show "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant".  First of all, how these women had no clue they were pregnant is beyond me, but I suppose it happens.  Secondly, whenever these women are interviewed for their story they always make statements like this about labor: "I thought I was dying", "I thought my insides were going to explode", "I was sure it was the end", etc...  When I think back to my own labor (pre-epidural labor), if I had no idea I was in labor, hell to the yeah I would have thought I was dying, for sure, no questions asked, I would have been convinced death was eminent.  I give props to women who do it with no drugs because it is painful, but I guess when your in that mindset you can get through anything. 

- Maizy has been on a food strike, not sure why, she seems awfully sad these days and has been chewing on her legs again.  She chews her legs when she is nervous and upset.  I think it is Davis, he makes her very nervous, carrying around large toys, throwing them around at her, she can never just get settled anywhere without him coming in and disrupting her slumber.  Hopefully she perks up soon.  I feel bad for her.

- My stroller still hasn't shipped!!!! WTF Gilt Group!!!  Okay, Okay, my account says it will arrive between July 13 and July 22, but damn, it has been a long wait.

- Do they make a girl scout badge for giving birth without drugs?

- I don't know about you but I cannot wait until Monday nights episode of "Housewives of New Jersey"  It appears there will be a throw down between Teresa and Danielle and I am so looking forward to it.  I hope someone gets arrested, preferrebly Danielle.

- Being a geek at heart, I'm watching the X-Files starting with Season 1, again.  Thank you Netflix for streaming live through my Nintendo Wii.  Another geek move, I moved the Wii from the family room to the bedroom so I can enjoy my geeky programs from the comfort of my bed.  Jeff thinks I'm nuts.

- Two words: Lebron James

- Two more words: Who Cares

- Thirteen more words: He can work wherever he wants, you don't own him City of Cleveland

- Maybe Maizy needs a drink

- Maybe Maizy needs a Xanax

- The guy who lives 2 houses away never wears a shirt, now it would be different if he was young, hot and buff.  He is none of those things, he is old, has a beer gut and whiter than my sister.  Being whiter than my sister is hard to achieve, but this man has done it.  You would think his non-shirt wearing ass would be tan from all the non-wearing of shirts, but it is not.  I'm not even sure a tan would help.  Yeah, I thought about it, the tan wouldn't help, he'd still look gross.  Maybe I'll take a picture for next week.

And now for Favorite Song Friday Saturday

California Love, Tupac


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