Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sleep is for the Birds

According to Davis sleep is for the birds these days.

He pretty much snores and cries all night long.

Last night he was so distraught he was hitting Jeff and I.

Nightmares maybe?

I suppose I will discuss this at his 2 year check up in a few weeks.

But he is snoring again.


Waking up from it.

Just as he had from the day he was born until he had an adenoidectomy.

The last 2 months the old man snoring has returned.

We made an appointment at the ENT to check on things, it is Thursday.

Everyone I have talked to about Davis' adenoidectomy is shocked they didn't do a tonsilectomy as well.

I remember the ENT telling us that a lot of times they will take the tonsils too, but he didn't want to take Davis'.  I didn't even question it, neither did Jeff.

If this kid has to get his tonsils out now, a year later, I'm going to explode.

I have two reasons for my explosion, #1 being I really don't want my son having surgery again and #2 being that Jeff's insurance rates changed.  We had to drop our 100% coverage at his work because the company jacked the employee cost up from $250 every other week to $550 ever other week. Who can afford that?   I know they did it to get employees to drop it.  The next best plan was a 75/25 plan.  If he does have a surgery I guess we can wave bye bye to our tax return. 

I will say that after such a long time not sleeping on my part since I had Davis I've become quite accustomed to only a few hours of sleep a night, not that I enjoy it, I'd love to get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night, not feel like a zombie, accomplish more each day than just the basics.  But it never happens.  When will it?


Sassytimes said...

Poor Davis and YOU! Snoring is awful. I hope they can find a solution for both of you - and hopefully not an expensive one! My husband snores and nothing helps him. I wear earplugs. ;)

...and regarding your last post on weight - I personally think you look great. But, not getting enough sleep really slows your metabolism. Davis' sleep schedule is probably making it even harder on you. :( I hope you guys find a solution soon!

Jen and Justin said...

nothing much to say but THAT STINKS! oh, and i hope you find a solution for Davis and your guys' sake