Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lots of Updates

So many Davis updates!!

1. Last Friday (Friday the 13th to be exact), he finally started really crawling, no more one or two little crawls, he decided to just go for it

2. Last Saturday afternoon (a day and a half after crawling) he started pulling himself up to a standing position on pretty much anything he can find

3. He still only has 7 teeth

4. I've estimated his weight to be around 18 lbs or so, his 9 month check up is a few days before Christmas and I can't wait to find out his height and weight

5. He eats solid foods like a champ for breakfast, lunch and dinner

6. He is down to 3-4, 8 oz bottles per day

7. He has started sippy cup training, although I don't think he has it figured out quite yet, the joy in his eyes when I give him the cup is priceless though, sadly I think he just assumes it is a toy

8. He really discovered the dog last week, he noticed her before but wasn't that into her, now that he can crawl he is obsessesed with her and his favorite activity is chewing on her tail (YUCK!)

Because of #1 and #2 my life when Davis is not napping has become quite interesting, I spend my free time chasing him, telling him no, taking him away from things he shouldn't be into, you get the idea.

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