Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Food

For 3 months I was on a jarred organic baby food kick, Earth's Best to be exact. That was when Davis was just getting into the food though, he was a slow food starter, we tried at 4 months and he just wasn't that into the food so I didn't really try food again until he was 6 months old, even at 6 months he did not dig it. He really started being more of a foodie at 7 months. When I started him on food at 4 months I was making my own, but like I said he didn't care for food so I did not push it and only gave him cereal from then on. I tried food again at 6 months, still making it but then decided Earth's Best was easier and it was good because it is organic. I had been doing Gerber and Beech Nut but they scare me because they contain so many additives. He was only eating maybe 3 jars a day then, so .89 per jar for organic did not phase me. The last month he has become a hog and is eating more food than milk which is what the doctor wants anyways. He is only supposed to have 20 oz. of his formula per day with the amount of foods he eats. He is plowing through 6-8 jars per day, which is equivalent to about $7 a day!!! What????!!! No wonder I'm hitting BRU up twice a week for the blessed organic food. Friday morning I decided I was making my own food because the amount we were spending is just nuts, I dug out my baby puree cookbook and flagged a bunch of recipes. I picked up some organic pears and organic carrots Saturday morning, steamed them, put them in my Cuisinart food processor and froze them in ice cube trays. Today I bought the rest of my stuff, I made pear/strawberry/blueberry and lentils/sweet potatoes/carrots. All of this cost me about $12 and it should last at least a week. Tomorrow I'm going to make more, orzo and cheese sauce and broccoli/cauliflower with cheese sauce. I didn't make the cheese sauce recipes today because I realized I had no whole milk and infants/toddlers are supposed to have whole milk. I'll be going back to the natural food market by my house for some organic whole milk. I am also going to make a few meats as well this week, but haven't made a decision on those recipes yet.

I took pictures of my creations but will post them later!

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