Sunday, December 20, 2009

9 Months Old Today!!!

Wowzers!! 9 months already??? Davis is such a big boy. In his 6 month pictures he still looked like a baby and now he looks like a little man in his 9 month pictures. Davis is doing so many things now, he has been crawling and pulling up for 2 months, he is now standing without support like a champ and has even taken a few steps with no assitance (scary!). I just hope he holds off on really walking for a while, crawling is enough for now.

On Thursday Davis went with mommy and Grandma and Grandpa Jameson to the Franklin Park Mall for his first pictures with Santa, he didn't even cry, he just liked Santa's beard. I'm not sure what he told Santa he wanted for Christmas, hopefully he gets everything he wants!

We will be going to Davis' great grandma's house for Christmas Eve and Christmas day we will have my family at our house, it should be very exciting for Davis.

Here are some pictures from his big day at the mall:

Waiting to see Santa with Mommy!

Waiting with Grandma

With Santa Claus

Trying on a new hat (no we did not buy it, but it is funny)

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